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Mitsubishi multi-positioned air handlers combine innovative ductless and traditional ducted solutions. Regardless of whether you are seeking to simply replace your existing central system, or transition into an all ductless home, a multi-positioned air handler can exceed your expectations.

Multi-Purpose Heating & Cooling

The multi-positioned air handler is designed to efficiently cool and heat entire floors, and even whole homes. The combination of a Mitsubishi MVZ air handler and an efficient, high-performance ductless heat pump creates a whole-home solution that uses both ducted and ductless units, providing year round comfort and control.

This gives a homeowner, who is seeking to replace their existing central system and also add extra comfort to a particular room, a feasible and affordable option.

Energy Efficient

Tired of paying expensive monthly energy bills because of an inefficient heat pump or gas furnace? A multi-positioned air handler can replace your existing cooling and heating system and save you hundreds of dollars every year, all while keeping your home comfortable year round.

Easy To Install

Since it can be easily disassembled and reassembled, the multi-positioned system can be installed in multiple ways, resulting in a much simpler installation.

Environmentally Friendly

The multi-position system's one inch R4.2 fiberglass-free insulation helps significantly reduce the system's condensation, and also contributes to the system's high levels of efficiency.


Quality and care is built into each unit. Galvanized metal with a powder coated finish provides a solid and stable cabinet. Internal fan, coil, piping and circuitry are engineered and designed to work in harmony to provide years of reliable operation. Internal components are accessible through clearly marked panels that are convenient to service.

System Flexibility

The multi-positioned air handler was designed so that it can operate laying horizontally or standing vertically. This versatile system can be installed in tight spaces like short ceiling basements or condensed closets.

Quiet Operation

Unlike most traditional central cooling and heating systems, Mitsubishi's multi-positioned system operates at as low of a 27 dB (A) rate because of its solid design, thick insulation, and quiet DC motor.

Extraordinary Performance

What differentiates the multi-positioned system from other traditional cooling and heating systems is its powerful and quiet DC motor. Its one-inch foam and fiberglass-free insulation reduces excessive condensation and boosts the system's efficiency.

Whole Home Solution

Mitsubishi's multi position air handler can provide up to three tons of cooling and heating, which can approximately condition up to 1,800 square feet.


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