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Whether you are renovating your home, or simply upgrading your existing central system, a Mitsubishi horizontal ducted unit can satisfy your cooling and heating needs without being a detriment to the beauty of your home.

Ductless Horizontal Ducted Unit

Sleek, Thin & Efficient

Although the vents of horizontal ducted units look like that of a traditional ducted unit, the units themselves operate on innovative ductless technology. Get the same hidden ducted look with even better ductless operation.

Zone Comfort

Ductless mini-split technology allows you to independently manage each zone in your home. A horizontal ducted unit can correctly maintain a temperature of your choosing, and can eliminate uncomfortable temperature swings. Now you can relax in the coolness of your living room while your kids enjoy a slightly warmer temperature in their playroom.

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Automatic Adjustments

Horizontal ducted units can automatically change between cooling and heating modes to maintain stable, consistent temperatures. Additionally, a temperature sensor can also be installed in the intake air grill to ensure your space is conditioned properly at all times.

"Less Mess" Installation

An installation of a horizontal ducted system can be completed in 8-12 hours, depending on the difficulty of the project. Shockingly, in comparison to other HVAC systems, horizontal ducted installations can be completed very neatly.

Ductless Horizontal Ducted Unit

Discreet & Out of Sight

By using adaptable, low-profile flex-ductwork, horizontal ducted units can be hidden in a ceiling or below a floor without taking up much space. These units can provide you with comfortable year round cooling and heating without altering the external looks of your home.

Ductless Horizontal Ducted Unit

Whisper Quiet

Unlike traditional ducted systems, both the indoor and outdoor units are extremely quiet. Indoor units, in whisper mode, operate as low as 23 dB(A) – that's slightly louder than a human's whisper.

Remote Operation Controlers

Monitor and adjust your system with a remote control, or create programs and schedules from your smartphone or tablet with a wireless interface. Whether you're gone for the day, or for an extended vacation, you can have full control over your system from just about any smartphone or tablet. You'll never have to return to a house that's freezing cold or blazing hot.

Ductless Controls

Energy Savings

Mitsubishi ductless systems operate using modulating INVERTER technology, which limits the amount of energy that is spent when heating and cooling a room. Horizontal ducted units are designed to efficiently limit energy usage and effectively keep you and your family comfortable. Efficiency has its perks; horizontal ducted units qualify for utility rebates that can save you up to $600 on installation costs.


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