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Sleek wall-mounted units not only provide cooling and heating to your room, but they also monitor room conditions and adjust their fan speed to fine-tune your comfort.

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Styles To Match Any Home

Wall-mounted units independently manage the comfort of a single room and can maintain the precise temperature you set. Return air sensors on every unit monitor room conditions and automatically adjust to maintain the temperature you choose. 3D i-see Sensor™ (available on select units) uses infrared technology to scan the room and adjust based on human heat signatures.

Zone Comfort

Ductless mini-split technology allows you to independently manage each zone in your home. A wall-mounted unit can accurately maintain a temperature of your choosing, and can eliminate uncomfortable temperature swings. Select wall-mounted models come with 3D I-see Sensors which use infrared technology to scan the room and adjust the temperature based on human heat signatures.

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Easy, No Stress Installation

Once you select your indoor and outdoor units, installation by our Elmar Ductless contractor is quick and easy. Through just a three-inch opening in the wall or ceiling, your contractor can connect the indoor and outdoor units with refrigerant lines and power and communication wiring.

Wall Mounted Installation

Improved Air Quality & Filters

Advanced filtration features deodorize and purify the air in your home, contributing to better health.Washable 10-year filters with multi-stage allergen filtration remove particulates and contaminants from the air with continuous fan operation for better air circulation. The anti-allergen filter traps dust, allergens and other particles to improve indoor air quality.

Wall Mounted Filter

Remote Operation Controlers

You can monitor and adjust your system with a remote control, or create programs and schedules from your smartphone or tablet when using a wireless interface. From handheld remote controllers to smartphone apps, we have solutions that give you total control over your systems. You'll never again have to worry about making sure your system is on the right setting and temperature.

Ductless Controls

Energy Savings

Most homeowners think that in order to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, they'll have to suffer with high utility bills. Ductless cooling and heating systems can't control utility prices, but they can control your energy consumption.


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